English <> French Translation, Interpretation,
Revision & Proofreading Services

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Tailor-made Translation, Interpretation, Revision & Proofreading Services.
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A dedicated and personalised service to meet your requirements.

Budget translation (not to be published), for internal documents, for example.

High quality standard Business translation, fully proofread to ensure a perfect result.

Back Translation

Any doubts about a translation you have in hand? Translating it back into its original language will allow you to check its quality by comparison.


Face to face, telephone or video interpreting.

Speak freely and know you are being understood.

Revision & Proofreading

For a perfect, flowing and meaningful written document for your target audience:

Translation Revision: comparative scrutiny of the source text and the final one in order to detect terminological errors, contradictions, omissions, nonsense, and mistranslations.

Proofreading: we will check spelling, grammar, typography, and punctuation errors for you.

Key steps before publishing.


For the past year, Mrs Guiraud has been providing high quality work by translating a wide range of mostly legal documents for us. We attest to the regularity and rigor Mrs Guiraud particularly demonstrates in the quality of her work and in the respect of the imposed deadlines.

C. Rinaudo
General Coordinator of Notre Affaire à Tous

Great, thank you very much!! How efficient !

C. Baudouin
Founder of Notre Affaire à Tous

Claudine Guiraud, has translated for me numerous mission reports for international organizations such as, for example, the French Development Agency (AFD), and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). She carried out her tasks with professionalism and a perfect rendering!

H. Chaperon
Agricultural Engineer, Civil Forest Engineer, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Agriculture, and International Forestry Consultant.

As part of her duties for our company, Claudine Guiraud has produced numerous literary and technical translations into English. We attest to her professional qualities in this field and to the high level of precision and technicality of her translation work.

Dr B. Cassagne
CEO Forêt Ressources Management & FRM Ingénierie Consulting Engineering firms


English <> French Translation, Interpretation,
Revision & Proofreading Services

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